What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand – A Case Study of Healing as a Spiritual Gift in my Hand

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What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand

A Case Study of Healing as a Spiritual Gift in my Hand

What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand. The question of the nature and operation of the gifts of the spirit is of paramount important to all bibles believing Christians. What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand.

What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand



1.1 Background of the Study

The question of the nature and operation of the gifts of the spirit is of paramount important to all bibles believing Christians. A thorough understanding of this subject is necessary for you for some reasons. The first reason is that you ought to be thoroughly enlightened in the things which are freely given to you of God. Second, you may have some spiritual gifts which are likely to remain dormant if they are not stirred. The knowledge of the gifts of the spirit will help you stir up the gifts within you. Third, God does not want you to be ignorant. The Apostle Paul on six different occasions warned the church against the error of ignorance. ‘Now concerning spiritual gifts. Brethren, i would not have you ignorant’ (I Corinthian 12:1). Fourth a spiritual teaching of spiritual gifts will encourage you to plunge into the gifts of the spirit and receive them. Finally, the right knowledge of spiritual gifts will guide you from the evil of erroneous teaching and unscriptural experiences. You will be able to differentiate between the genuine and counterfeit gifts.

This study aim to analyze the spiritual gifts in the researcher’s hand with particular reference to biblical examples of men who operate in that gift. The question then is what is the spiritual gifts in the researcher’s hand? However, the researcher will consider spiritual gift of HEALING virtue as bestows by the researcher in which he is passionate about.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

There are several misconceptions on the subject of spiritual gifts. These misconception have given rise to a number of experiences ranging from an extreme of hypocrisy to another extreme of fanaticism. It is said in some churches that the operation of the gifts of the spirit is confined to the apostolic age. ‘Therefore, say they ‘it is either uncalled for or unscriptural today,’. In some other churches, the manifestation of spiritual gifts go on in such an unedifying and unscriptural manner that calls for caution. Neither of these extremes is correct. The one that gives no place to the gifts of the spirit quenches the spirit while the other that abuses the gifts of the spirit grieves the spirit. And the bible says ‘quench not the spirit,’ ‘grieve not the Holy spirit of God.’ I Thessalonica 5:19; Ephesians 4:30.

Therefore, the Bible church, says a write pastor W.F. Kumuyi (1991.7) ‘is one in which the gifts of the Spirit is powerfully manifest in a harmonious purpose, in loving co-operation, in a common aim, and in a common loyalty to Christ. All gifts work in harmony, all operation work towards the same objectives. Any other condition is contrary to the programme of the Holy Spirit.

There are several gift passages listed in the scripture, together with other biblical instruction are worth considering (Exodus 4:14, Luke 19: 11-12. Matthew 25: 14-30, 1Cort. 2:1-5, 10.-16, 2Corth 3:4.
Therefore, A Believer should earnestly desire to be baptize in the Holy ghost, discover and develop his/her spiritual gifts in order to enhance the growth of the church.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to provide information on spiritual gifts and its potential impact on church arrival /growth. Specifically the purpose intends to:

  1. Present the scriptural and contemporary understanding of spiritual gifts.
  2. To assess the researcher’s vision and mission with his spiritual gifts.
  3. To determines the manifestation and level of impactation of the researcher’s spiritual gifts on his life and ministry.

This study may help to unravel the researcher’s spiritual location in his service to God. Its means to determine were the researcher’s position in the spiritual scale of the Almighty and it is a pointer to his anointing and direction of high calling of God upon his life and ministry. It also measure the influence of his spiritual gifts on church growth. In addition, it is believed that the result of the finding may undoubtedly stimulate a range of interesting and innovative empirical studies. Finally, the finding will add to existing body of knowledge.

1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study.

This research is delimited to the roles of spiritual gifts in one’s life and church revival. As the study was focused only on Healing virtues as one aspect of spiritual gifts. The scope of the findings and suggestions may not be representatives of other spiritual gifts. The scope of the study is limited to the bulk of data collected from both oral and written interview conducted, the internet and a few data collected from books, journals. The Authorized Kings James Version Bible, will be used for all Bible references. However, the limited time will also deter the researcher to the efficacy of the various components of the historic approach of divine healing virtues as a spiritual gifts.

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1.5 Definition of Terms

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: The Holy Ghost manifestation of the gifts of spirit given by the grace of God to and upon individual in the church to equip and enable them fulfill their divine calling and mandate in the body of Christ; says Pastor Felix Moore (2018,55).

HEALING: A type of faith in the word of God in which healing or cures appear to be miracles. Examples of the healing power of Jesus are often described as miracles or divine healing. God is still touching people through His word and with the power of the Holy Ghost.
Church Growth: Church growth is the building of the church primarily through evangelism and working of miracles through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Spiritual Gifts of Healing: Healing virtues is the special anointing that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ who has serious desire to pray for the sick to be healed, either through having faith in God’s ability to heal, or through the laying on of hands, interceding for other, through fasting and through the teaching of God’s word.

Vision: This could refer to as aspiration description of what a person would like to achieve using his spiritual gifts as a clear guide towards the revival of the church.
Mission: This could refer to an important task or assignment given to a person or group of persons to put into practice one’s spiritual gifts with the intent of edifying the self or church.



Spiritual gifts is a supernatural capacity freely and graciously given by the sovereign God at the time of your salvation, enabling you to develop the supernatural ability, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to fellow man for the purpose of accomplishing His work through you. Says the writer: Pastor Felix Moore (2019, xi).

This supernatural ability exceed the normal ability level of others in the church. It has generally been referred to as a “supernatural Anointing.”God bestows natural talents to all people, and he also bestows spiritual gifts to believers for special assignment. Both talent and gifts are to be used for the glory of God, but spiritual gifts are somewhat unique by their powerful nature and in their dedication to the service of the Lord. They are used for ministry; to help members of the body of Christ and for building up of the church.

2.2 Fact About Spiritual Gifts

There are seven fundamental facts you need to know about spiritual gifts.

  1. One must first be born again of the spirit, and consequently receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, before the gifts of the spirit begin to manifest Act. 2:28.
  2. The Holy Spirit determines what gifts and distributes the gifts severally to every man as He wills. ICorth. 12:11.
  3. Every true Christians has at least one spiritual gift. Eph. 4:7.
  4. spiritual gift declares or witnesses the presence and power of the Holy Spirit at work Heb. 2:4.
  5. A spiritual gift or gifts gives the evidence of a divine calling upon an individual. 1 Tim. 4:14-15
  6. Spiritual gifts should not be confused with the fruit of the spirit math 7: 20:22.
  7. Spiritual gifts are divine tools for the work of the Ministry. Eph. 4:11-12.

Spiritual gifts should be discovered, developed and used freely and Willingly; we were given these gifts by God’s grace, and our use of them should be just a gracious. The object is to use the gifts to further the life of Jesus Christ.
Members of the congregation are encouraged to discover, develop, and use their gifts and with the help of the Holy Spirit to find their ministry and help the church more intentional in its ministry. Gifts are given to carry out the work of Jesus in the World. They can help us become clearer channels of God’s love and they can help us find surer steps in our pilgrimage as followers of Christ (Parker 2005.70).

2.3 The Concept of the Gift of Healing

The scriptural doctrine of divine healing and health has been viewed from different angles by believers of different ages. This was often in accordance with their perception of the “Limit” of God’s power, Mercy and Love. However, from time immemorial believers have always been receivers while doubters have received nothing. Similarly, if we believer today, all divine blessing including healing and health can be ours (John 11: 40, 2Peter 1:3).

It is clear from God’s word that all can be healed and kept healthy today. Diligent meditation on God’s word will assure our heart of the possibility of sound health’s all the days of our life. God’s word is a word of power when its preached to the sick and has an innate potency for the miraculous. Roman 1:16, Psalm 167: 20. Though the power of God is unlimited, there are spiritual requirement for physical healing.

  1. Serious desire to be healed
  2. Faith in God’s ability to heal
  3. The promise of healing has always been conditional upon obedience to God’s command.

A believer who proclaim the gospel to a sick sinner with dynamic faith and has an innate anointing to lay hand on the sick to recover is bless with Spiritual gifts of healing, and this has always been the passionate, and practice of the researcher.



Divine Healing
Divine healing is healing through divine intervention as it response to prayer or because of faith. It is a method of employing prayer or fasting for the hope of receiving such healing through God infinite words.

3.2 Covenant of Healing

God is our healer. He instituted a covenant with Israel. His chosen people during the Old Testament economy. The healing covenant which He established with Israel was an expression of His nature- Jehovah-Rophi (Exodus, 15:26) ‘The one who heals or the Lord our healer.’ The promise to keep the Israelites from the disease by which the Egyptians were afflicted was made at the instances of the healing covenants. Israel became God’s covenant people. From that time they started enjoying the benefits of the covenant. The children of Isreal were however required to keep God’s commandment and obey His word in order to enjoy divine healing and health. They were to enjoyed this divine provision as long as they remained in covenant. God faithfully kept His own part of the Covenant. Diverse sicknesses, pestilences and plaques only came upon them when they disobeyed the Lord and broke His covenant. Deut. 28.15-16, Psalm 107: 17- 20). What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand.

The healing covenant became part of the new covenant (The covenant of grace) when it was instituted. All those who are born again are made partakers of the New Testament healing covenant, through Christ’s vicarious death on Calvary. We became beneficiaries of the healing covenant. (Isaiah 53. 4-5, Matthew 8:17, 1Peter 2: 24). What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand



4.1 Implication of Healing Covenant

Today, our healing covenant is based upon better promises through the finished work of Christ at Calvary. The Covenant which God made with Israel is now made available to ‘Whosoever believeth’ in Christ. Salvation and healing are now yours, freely by virtue of the redemptive work of Christ. The price that Jesus paid at Calvary purchased full salvation for your body, soul and Spirit. You should not allow sickness in your body. However, in order to enjoy the benefits of the healing covenant, you need to maintain your relationship with God by manifesting faith and total obedience to His word.

4.2 Healing Ministration in Bible Days

i) Through the laying on of hands, Matthew 8:2 -4, 9:29, Mark 1:41, Luke 13:13.
ii. By the anointing of oil by elders, Mark 6:13, James 5:14
iii. Through prayer: (Genesis 20: 7, Number 12:13, 1 Samuel 1:7-19, 1Kings 13:4-6, 2 Chronicle 32; 24, Mathew 21:22).
iv. Through fasting; (1 Samuel 1:7-19, Isaiah 58:8, Mark 9:29, Act 9:8-9).
v. Through the teaching of God’s word (Psalm 107:20, proverbs 4:20-22, Act. 8: 5-7).
vi. By special Miracles of God. (Humber’s 21: 8-9, 2Kings 20: 7, Mark 7:32, Act: 19: 11-12, John 9:6-7).
Vii. By creative word. (Mark 5:41, Mark 7:34, Mark 9: 25, Act. 9:33-34).
viii. Through simple faith in His promises (Matthew 8:8, Mark 10: 52, Luke 17: 19, John 4:50).
ix. By someone exercising the ‘Gifts of Healing or working of miracles (1Cor. 12:9).
xii. By Casting out Devils. (Matthew 17:18, Mark 6: 13).

4.3. Impact of spiritual Gifts as a course (Testimony).

It is obvious that the researcher life’s passion has been leading and learning about healing. At this point in my life and ministry, however. We give glory to God for thousand who have benefited from the healing covenant. We have seen remarkable answers to prayers and proved the efficacy of healing power of God through deliverance prayers. All kinds of diseases have been healed. Even a skeptic will find it difficult to doubt the possibility of enjoying healing and health if such a person reads the bible with an open mind. That is not all, God has faithfully granted us outstanding miracles as we have claimed the promise of the healing covenant. God has wrought miracles of Creation (Whereby missing or deformed parts have to be created or recreated) during our monthly deliverance services in these ministries. We thank God for His words that says;- ‘ verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the work that I do shall he do also and greater work than these shall he do,’ because I go unto my father’ (John 14:12).
This is the researcher’s wakening thought, passions and practised to see people being delivers from their sicknesses and deprave state of life. What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand



5.0. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation:

To analyze the spiritual gift possessed by the researcher. The survey and expository research design were used, this chapter presents the summary of findings, the conclusion and recommendations.

5.1 Summary

The gifts of the spirit are foretold in the Old Testament (by inference) Isaiah 35: 4-6, Joel 2: 28-29.
Enumerated, by inference only, in the New Testament, 1Cort. 12:8-10. Christ was endued with the same (Luke 4:14-19, Matthew 12:28, Act. 10:38). He promised them to us (Act.1:8), the early church believers received and operated in them. (Act 2:4, Act. 3:1-9).

  1. The study declared that Healing as an aspect of spiritual gift is importance to the church, salvation and healing are given to believers for free by virtue of the redemptive work of Christ upon the cross of Calvary to purchase full salvation for our body soul and spirit. Believers should keep on benefiting from divine healing as long as they remain in covenant relationship with God.
  2. The study present biblical example of men who operated in the gift of healing to include but not limited to Jesus, Peter and Apostle Paul.
  3. Nevertheless, the result of the finding portrayed that divine healing makes believers to depend on God for the needs; it enhances the spiritual growth of believers, increase the church, leads to members commitment and have faith in God.

5.2 Conclusion

This study assessed spiritual gifts. From the research, various aspect of spiritual gifts are evident. The gifts of the spirit are supernaturally impacted to individual believers by the Holy Spirit for the ultimate purpose of the edification to foster the growth of the church and enhance the work of the Ministry. Believers have different gifts as well as different levels of faith in manifesting those gifts. Healing appears to be one of the benefits a believer enjoys as long as he/she keeps his covenant with God. Thus, the church is revive only when individual members work together and uses their gifts to benefit one another. What is That Spiritual Gift in Your Hand.

5. 3 Recommendation

i) To ensure good understanding of the meaning of the gifts of the spirit in 1Corintians 12: 1-11. Leaders of Bible churches should teach and encourage every believers to recognise, received and release their different spiritual gifts to foster the growth of the church.
ii) In order to experience this biblical church growth, church leaders and born-again believers should intentionally and prayerfully discover and develop their spiritual giftedness inorder to expand their ministerial work.
iii) Church leaders and regional pastors should create space for every member of the Ministry. To use the planting and watering metamorphosis, church leaders need to create climate-controlled greenhouse for the growth of spiritual gifts.


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