Complete and Updated List of Banks in Nigeria and Their Short Codes (USSD)

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Complete List of Banks in Nigeria and Their USSD Codes

USSD Codes of Banks in Nigeria. On this page you will get to see a complete list of banks in Nigeria and their short codes. See USSD codes of banks in Nigeria.

Have you wondered if there is any possibility of checking your account balance, recharging your phone, transferring to ones account from your account using your mobile phone? This page has brought solution to your worries. you can make transaction on your bank account using your mobile phone so easily. Follow the steps below for any transaction on your bank account. Continue Reading…

USSD Codes of Banks in Nigeria

The Full Meaning of USSD Code

So many people wonder what the full meaning of USSD code means. If you have always asked the same question and you are on this page, then this page has provided answer to your question.

The full meaning of USSD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

The banks have been brought to you in alphabetical order. Locate your desired bank to see their short codes.

Access Bank (Diamond Bank) USSD Banking Code

Below is a complete list of Access Bank Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code

Features Short Code
Airtime Recharge for self *901*Amount#
Airtime recharge for others *901*Amount*Phone Number#
Account Opening *901*0#
Data Purchase *901*8#
Balance Enquiry *901*5#
Fund Transfer to Access Bank *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Merchant Payment *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
Bill Payment *901*3#
OTP Generation *901*4*1#


CityBank USSD Code

Currently CityBank do not have USSD codes

Coronation Merchant Bank USSD Code

Coronation Merchant Bank do not current have ussd codes

Ecobank Nigeria USSD Code

Ecobank has provided a general purpose USSD code for that can be used for many purposes simple dial the the code according to your country and you will be taken to a menu where you can process your transactions.

For Nigeria simply dial *326#

For Kenya simply dial *335#

For Tanzania simply dial *150*18#

For Uganda simply dial *235#

Enterprise Bank Limited USSD Code

Enterprise Bank Limited currently do not have USSD codes

Fidelity Bank Nigeria USSD Code

Fidelity Bank provides and instant banking code (*770#) which can be used for the following transactions below including their service charge.

This service is available to Airtel, Etisalat, GLO and MTN subscribers.

Fidelity Instant Banking (*770#) service charges are

Service Rendered Old Fee New Fee
Balance Enquiry 10 20
Intra-bank Transfer 70 50
Inter bank Transfer 70 50
Bill Payments 100 105

First Bank of Nigeria USSD Code

First Bank of Nigeria provides you with a code (*894#) which enables customers to access quick banking services. Customers can dial *894# and get access to Quick Banking services in a menu-based layout without having to dial the codes.

How to Recharge from Your First Bank Account

For Airtime recharge for self simply dial *894*Amount#

For Airtime recharge for others simply dial *894*amount*phone number#

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) USSD Code

First City Monument Bank easy banking code (*239#). below is a list of services which can be achieved for FCMB customers.

  • Dial*329*Amount# to top-up your mobile phone.
  • Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up other mobile phones.
  • Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.
  • Dial *329*00# to check balance.
  • Dial *329*0# to reset PIN or reset/create transaction code.
  • Dial *329*1*Mobile Number# to buy data on any phone.
  • Dial *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number# to pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription.
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select block card to block debit card
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select block account to block account
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN to link BVN
  • Dial *329#, select statement, select full statement, then select duration (up to 6 months). Your statement will be sent to your registered email address instantly.
  • Dial *329#, select statement then select mini statement to view your last five (5) transactions instantly.
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FSDH Merchant Bank USSD Code

Currently, FSDH Merchant Bank do not have USSD codes

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD Code

The Guaranty Trust Bank has provided list of all the short codes needed to conduct any of your transactions. This can be archived using *737# shout code.

GT bank USDD Codes

S/N 737 Service 737 Code Charges Applicable
1. Account Opening *737*0# Free
2. Airtime (Self) *737*Amount# Free
3. Airtime (3rd Party) *737*Amount*PhoneNo# Free
4. Transfers (GTBank) *737*1*Amount*Nuban# N20
5. Transfers (Other Banks) *737*2*Amount*Nuban# N80
6. Cardless Withdrawal *737*3*Amount# N50
7. Fast Track Deposit *737*48*Amount*Nuban# N20
8. Data Purchase *737*4# Free
9. Account Balance/Account No/ BVN *737*6*1# N10
10. Loan Balance *737*6*2# N10
11. Card Status *737*6*3# N10
12. Cheque Book Status *737*6*4# Free
13. Generate OTP *737*7# Free
14. Airtime Advance *737*8*1 0.08
15. Give *737*32*Amount*Church Code# Free
16. Edu *737*31*Amount*School Code# Free
17. Checkout *737*35*Amount*Merchant Code# Free
18. Total Cashout *737*50*Amount*50# N50
19. StarTimes Subscription *737*37*Amount*SmartcardNo# N100
20. Swift Network Subscription *737*50*Amount*4# N100
21. Salary Advance *737*8*2# N20

Heritage Bank Plc USSD Code

Heritage Bank Plc has provided their customers with simple codes which they can used to perform transactions using their mobile phone.

  • Self-recharge – *322*030*AMOUNT#
  • Third Party Recharge – *322*030*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT#
  • Transfer – *322*030*ACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT#
  • Bill Payment – *322*030*BILLER ID *AMOUNT#, for example, to pay for LCC Dial *322*030*1066*AMOUNT#

Jaiz Bank Limited USSD Code

Jaiz Bank Limited has a free code which can be used to top up, simply dial *389*301*Amount# e.g. Top-up your phone with N2,000, all you need to do is dial *389*301*2000#.

To transfer funds to another account simply dial **389*301*Account number*Account# and follow the menu up to the point where you can transfer money.

Keystone Bank Limited USSD codes

Bellow are Keystone Bank Limited USSD codes for mobile transactions

REGISTER *7111*0#
Airtime for yourself *7111*Amount#
Airtime for others *7111*Amount*Phone Number#
Bank Transfer *7111*Amount*Account Number#
Check Account Balance *7111*1#
Bills Payment *7111*2#

Providusbank Plc USSD Code

Currently Providusbank Plc do not have USSD codes for mobile banking

Rand Merchant Bank USSD Code

The Rand Merchant Bank do not have USSD codes currently

Polaris Bank USSD Code

The Polaris Bank USSD code for mobile transactions is *833# This code is easy to use and provides you with the flowing services. Simply dial the code and select the specified number for your desired service.

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  • Account Opening
  • Bills Payments
  • Funds Transfers
  • Hotlist Cards
  • Balance Enquiry


Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Limited USSD Code

Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Limited has provided a short and simple USSD code for mobile transactions simply dial *909# on your mobile phone and select a number to suit the service you want to perform. With *909# mobile money, you can receive salary payments, buy airtime, make one-on-one money transfers, pay for goods and bills using any mobile phone.

Standard Chartered Bank USSD Code

The Standard Chartered Bank do not use USSD codes currently.

Sterling Bank USSD Code

Sterling Bank uses the *822# code for mobile transactions. This product provides banking services such as airtime recharge, transfers, bill payments and more to our customers from any mobile device without data or internet connection.

Suntrust Bank Nigeria Limited

Suntrust Bank Nigeria Limited has not released their USSD codes yet.

Union Bank of Nigeria USSD Code

The Union Bank of Nigeria USSD (*826#) code is more than a USSD code because the possibilities are endless.  Dial *826# now for your mobile transaction Here’s a little tease of what you can do:

  • Buy that anniversary or birthday present you almost forgot.
  • Send money to other UBN and Other Bank Accounts.
  • Stay connected, buy Airtime for Self and others on all major networks.
  • Keep tabs of your rising empire, check Account Number, Balances and BVN on the go.
  • Generate a paycode and PIN for cardless withdrawal transaction.
  • Keep it simple and smart, pay bills.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) USSD Code

United Bank for Africa has provided their short code (*919#) which can be used to mobile transactions. This service is fast and easy.

Unity Bank Plc USSD Code

Unity Bank Plc has provided their customers with a short code (*7799#) which they can use to perform transactions on their mobile phone.

Features available on *7799#

  • Account opening
  • Airtime recharge
  • Add Account
  • Balance enquiry
  • Bills payment
  • BVN verification
  • Fund Transfer
  • PIN change.

Wema Bank USSD Code

Wema Bank USSD code is short and simple to use. Customers can easily perform transaction on their account using their mobile phone with the use of *945#.

Buy Airtime *945*phone Number*amount#
Send Money *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
Balance Enquiry *945*0#
Change PIN *945*00#
Get  your Account Number *945*000#
Open Account *945*1#
Change account number *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
Account Reactivation *945*5#
Send Money to phone/email *945*6*amount#
Receive/ redeem money *945*7*confirmationnumber*amount#
Cash-on-the-Go *945*8*amount#
Remita Payment *945*9*RRR#
Card Control *945*11*last four digits of card pan number#
Pay-with-Mobile *945*12*amount#
Receive Western Union *945*14*MTCN*amount#
Generate OTP *945*15#
DSTV Subscription *945*16*smartcardnumber#
GoTV Subscription *945*17*smartcardnumber#
Startimes Payments *945*18*smartcardnumber*amount#
EKO AND IKEJA DISCO *945*19*metrenumber*amount#
Smile Subscription Payments *945*20*idnumber#
Swift4GBroadband subscription *945*21*idnumber*amount#
Merchant Payment *945*22*MERCHANTCODE*amount#
LCC PAYMENT *945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

Zenith Bank USSD Code

Zenith Bank USSD code is short, fast and easy to use simply dial *966# to perform any transaction you need

  • To check for balances on any of your accounts, all you need to do is simply dial; *966*00# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To but airtime simply dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your phone (e.g. *966*1000*0803456789#)
  • To transfer funds simply dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To pay your DStv and PHCN bills, simply dial; *966*7*Amount*Customer ID# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.To pay other Zenith Billers, simply dial; *966*6*Biller code*Amount# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To update your bank verification number simply dial *966*BVN# using the number associated with your Zenith Bank account.
  • To reset your pin and password, all you need to do is simply dial; *966*60# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To deactivate your mobile banking profile, simply dial; *966*20*0# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To stop all debit transactions from your account, simply dial; *966*911# from any mobile phone. Enter your account number then enter your AlertZ mobile number. Press “1” to continue and instantly block your account. To unblock your account, simply visit any Zenith Bank branch.
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Other Self Service



● Retrieve card PIN

Dial *966*60# and select option 4.

● Block Card

Dial *966*60# and select option 6.

● Manage cardlesswithdrawal

To create and cancel a cardlesswithdrawal code, simply dial *966*60# and select the option 7.

● Select preferred USSD account to debit

Simply dial *966*60# and select option 8 to choose your preferred USSD account to be debited for your USSD transactions.

● Perform transaction above N100k via USSD

To perform transactions above N100,000. First dial *966*60# and then select option to sign indemnity.

● Activate Agent Banking activities i.ecash in and cash out

Simply dial *966*66# and follow the on screen prompt.

● Perform USSD on POS

To perform USSD on POS Transaction simply dial *966*000# and enter your POS Reference code.

This page has provided you in detail the USSD Codes of Banks in Nigeria, if you have any questions concerning the USSD Codes of Banks in Nigeria feel free to drop a comment on the comment box below

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