The Dream of Greatness – Important facts you need to know

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This article “The dream of Greatness” is a study guide that helps in discovering ones destiny and maximizing them. Greatness as a good state of physical or mental health. If you are able to realize the situation you are, and decide to live it for a better one, you are dreaming of greatness. Dream big and forget about the saying that “small people dream small while big people dream great, This is not so, learn to dream of impossibility becoming possible.

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If a drop of ink gets into a bucket of clean water, the whole water automatically becomes coloured and would instantly change its true nature. If one dips a white cloth into the water, the cloth becomes coloured.

The dream of Greatness

Consequently, if one decides to dream of greatness and work for it, the tendency is that the person would automatically become a success in all life facts. Plan for your future. The first thing you have to do is to set goals. A goal is something you want to achieve in life. This is not easy. Many feel their lives are controlled by their families or the traditions of their communities. You must start to help yourself by knowing what you want. Sometimes people feel frustrated because the dreams and hopes of their future may conflict with beliefs in their families or communities about what they should do. It is important to explain your dream to an adult and to listen to his contributions or advice.

You can make your dream come true, do not be discouraged by what is happening around you, do not give up in aiming high for when there is a vision there is always a provision. The beginning may seem so difficult and impossible, but try and fail do not fail to try. Do not give up for God will raise you up. As you put your faith in God so be able to put your faith to work, for faith without work is death.

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Enthusiasm is a strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something, an eagerness to be involved in it. It is vitally important as a life motivator because “nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm”. It is a mental attitude that is hard to come by, difficult to maintain but very powerful. There is an extraordinary, dynamic quality about enthusiasm. It is permeated by a victorious attitude so powerful that it sweeps all it brings.

Enthusiasm is one of God’s greatest gift. It is aroused by having an ideal mind which takes the imagination by storm and also having a definite intelligible plan for carrying idea or dream into practice. Apathy on the other hand, can only be overcome by enthusiasm. To develop enthusiasm, start the day right, think tall. “If you want a quality, act as if you already had it” enthusiasm knocks out fear, and worry. Enthusiasm eliminates a destructive emotion in favour of a constructive one. A person who is enthusiastic requires self discipline, determination and perseverance. He or she will be affirmative and when filled with fears should say to his or herself “I’m not afraid, with God all things are possible”.

A man filled with enthusiasm constantly releases himself to positive development and is always eager to learn. He sometimes fails but learns something from failure. He “fails forward” and uses his failure creatively in the direction of eventual success. Edward Hail said, “I can not do everything but I still can do something. Enthusiasm can change your job situation by the principles mentioned above. This makes the job come alive with existing new possibilities but if you say “my job is dull and has no future”, it might be you have a negative attitude towards it. Try enthusiasm and see it change your life. It changes the job holder by making him successful, creative, and happy even becoming a new person. Every problem holds within itself the seed of its own solution. Enthusiasm can make your life change instantly, it is a quality that must be affirmed and reaffirmed. Your life can be either a mess or a hit, it can either be empty or full depending on how you go about it. You must not fight to loose, in case you made a mistake along the line you must take such mistake serious and correct it. Make sure the mistake will not repeat it selves. If what you know does not change you, change what you know in order to be sure of victory always. You must hold fast to God for except the lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Do not be down-casted for I know you can make it. There is no night without morning. You will make mistake no matter how much you prepare for your future, the greatest mistake however is not learning from the past ones. Find out what went wrong, the choice you made and correct the error, life is full of opportunities if you are wiling to live by enthusiasm. You can survive all the great storms in your life, if you play it cool and straight. To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically.

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The road to success is long and narrow, where as the road to failure is short, easy and wide. Hard work, obedience and endurance are the steps to success, whereas procrastination, pride and laziness are steps to failure. On the road to success you will face barriers and hurdles.

But by God’s grace stumbling blocks can be turned into stepping stones to success. Do not be discouraged by the failure of others, for you will finally achieve in due season when you work hard for success. Success is not a magic. It is not about lamenting, crying and being pathetic, but it is a natural consequence of our daily applications and basic fundamentals. Though an English man rightly define success as the result of achievable set of goal referring to the personal effort of man. Right from time,   everybody  needs  success although some people fail along the line and they cannot succeed, why? Because a lot of people refuse to emulate the right direction, which they should take in order to succeed. Some people cannot differentiate success from failure as long as they are running consistently for their daily bread and see the available meals to eat. Success is quite different from suffering. Determine success, because it is a favour from God. Another thing that makes some people to fail in life, is because they trust and rely on themselves. There is no amount of self achievable success that will see you through because it is written “except God builds the house the labourers labour in vain”. Man cannot achieve much by himself except he abides in God. Nevertheless as the saying goes the downfall of a man is not the end of his life, if a man fails today, failure instantly does not signify failure forever. It is a great surprise that some people are putting obstacle on their way to success by developing negative habit of doubting their talents and potentialities.

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Do not look down on yourself, one should not look down on his or her nature because nature cannot determine your future, therefore begin to think ahead of life, dream a better dream for success and work hard, don’t give up, dream like Joseph for you will only succeed through your belief. In fact it is God that will reward everybody according to their work. Do you think that success or failure is from the devil, whether prophet or pastors, no man owns success, but success is from God. Stop running here and there visiting native doctors because they cannot make you to succeed in life, engage yourself successfully into hard work and success will surely be yours.

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