How Learning Environment can Influence Studies

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How Learning Environment can Influence Studies

You need to know How Learning environment can influence studies. It is a known fact that learning environment has a high impact on the learning process of a student. A lot more depends also on the attitude of teachers toward their students such that students could be influence in a particular way.

This aside aims at explaining how learning environment can influence students. The whole concept centers on the learning environments, beginning from the home, the environment a student creates for himself and the school environment. See how learning environment can influence studies and the ideas outlined in this article about the way forward.

The home as a learning environment and how it can influence studies

It is not an overstatement to say that the home where a person comes from, has a great impact on the learning process of a child. The home as a learning environment can inspire the will for learning and can also influence studies in a negative way. The degree of exposure and academic achievement of parents can determine the reactions of the parents towards a child’s attitude to learning. This is to say that, the attitude of parents in encouraging his/her child to develop the large for studies can influence the learning process and overall academic performance of a child in the long run. At the other hand, parents with little or no interest in academics may influence her child to find learning as mundane.

How Learning Environment can Influence Studies

The magnitude of a child’s academic success depends largely on the efforts of the parents and at the same time depends on the attitude and will of the child so much how learning environment can influence studies, given the home as a learning environment.

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Parents are to nurture and train their children in a way to inspire their zeal and attitude towards learning from childhood. The cultivation of a learning character should be monitored and encouraged from childhood. A child who observes the parents study everyday at home could be one day motivated to pick up his/her book to read or study without being advised. However, this is not to say that it all ends there, parents should also endeavor to be a role model to their children.


Teachers play a big role on the academic performance of his/her students. Creating a learning environment that can boost a child’s academic performance in a positive way. Teachers should learn to encourage her participants in cherish able way and at the same level notwithstanding a child’s IQ from the other. The attitude of instructors expecting students to adsorb everything at the same time should be jettisoned. This is because a student’s ability to understand or absorb a particular lesson may be quite different from another student’s ability. “Not everybody is equal”. The way out here is “revision”, Revision in the sense that students are given a second opportunity, to grasp knowledge.


Students should learn to sit down and realize. The place of self-thought cannot be ruled out. Great men and women in the society today and the academic fields used this strategy to attain the great height they did.

It is in a Childs place to study without being advised or pushed. The degree of one’s will also determines the result on what that person sets to achieve. That is why students should go back to do revisions, research and study hard. This is the bear hay to academic success.

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  1. Check the state of your mind before learning. Avoid stress of all lands, whether mental, emotional or physical etc. this is because stress does not create a good learning environment.
  2. Stop worrying when studying.
  3. Parents and guidance should effort learning materials to their children/students as the aid learning process.
  4. Read/study every day. Success of any kind is a repeated effort over time about sometime. Not an accident neither is luck or something that happens instantaneously.
  5. Avoid a noisy environment. Loud noise could cause distractions when learning
  6. Avoid combining your study time with some other thing.
  7. Learn to be disciplined and time conscious
  8. Don revisions on previous lessons every day.
  9. Make out time to rest. This is because your brain absorbs faster and well when it is at rest.
  10. Set a goal and keep a target for yourself.

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