How Job Satisfaction Can Boost Working Performance

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Job Satisfaction Can Boost Working Performance 

We should all know that job satisfaction can boost working performance, therefore the concept of job satisfaction and influence on an employee’s performance cannot be overemphasized. Learn these few topics on how job satisfaction can boost working performance.

Job satisfaction is the dream of every unemployed and employed individual globally. It is an undisputed fact that job satisfaction plays a role in building one’s self esteem. This article will be focusing on how job satisfaction can boost writing performance. A few concepts will also be explained on their relationship to job satisfaction, for the purpose of clarity and understanding.

Job Satisfaction Can Boost Working Performance

The magnitude of one’s performance in a given career field is largely dependent on the person’s satisfaction on the given job. This is because the zeal and the will power of a person will generally be at its peak, when he/she is doing something he likes to do. This brings us to considering the few ideas below;

  1. Job satisfaction and Passion.
  2. Job satisfaction and the Zeal.
  3. Job satisfaction and Self Esteem.
  4. Job satisfaction and Attitude.
  5. How job satisfaction can boost working performance.

These concepts will be explained one after the other below;


Sequel to the discussion above, the relationship between passion and job satisfaction is that the former is developed and increased as a result of the latter. Put differently the rise in one’s passion in a given career area could be as a result of the person’s satisfaction on the job. The degree of results passion can birth, cannot be measured. High working performance of employees largely depends on the level of their passion on that job.

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That is why low output on employees mostly comes from the lack of passion on what they are doing at that time. So many companies and institutions have noticed this, and the way out is to switch office/job description, or send existing employees on a short term course, to replace their office  with a new one, once they return.


Talking about will here, what we mean is motivation. The concept of motivation could be understood in different ways. For some people, what motivates them is high salary, while for others, the job description/environment could be the source of their motivation.

Now, the relationship between job satisfaction and the will is that the best form of motivation comes with job satisfaction. For example, a person with passion for sport commentary for S10, 000 annually, than a professional with no passion for the job offered S30, 000 annually.


Self esteem can be influenced by a job satisfaction in the sense that, the feeling that comes with the idea of being paid for what you know how to do, and what you love to do is great. Nothing increases self esteem more, as doing what you love to do and being paid for that. 


The word attitude underscores the concept of self esteem, will and passion put together. The magnitude of one’s attitude can be influenced in a positive way by job satisfaction. 

How Job Satisfaction Can Boost Working Performance 

A whole number of factors contributes to how job satisfaction can boost working performance. The following points below, explains what can boost working performance of any employee.

  1. Job satisfaction
  2. Job description
  3. The nature of the job
  4. An employee’s passion for the job at hand
  5. Remuneration packages.
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