Fundamental Steps to Success – 4 Significant Points

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Fundamental Steps to Success

In this article, we are looking deeply on the Fundamental steps to success. It is amazing, however, that millions of people live daily without any real or goal in life. They neither understand the purpose of living nor have any particular aim to keep them progressively buoyant. In this article, we are going to discuss

  • Goal setting and planning
  • The power of the will
  • Action that follows resolution
  • The starting point
  • Choice of vocation

Fundamental steps to success

Goal Setting and Planning

Goals are products of idea and ideas are generated in the mind. The first step towards any useful venture is to set a goal, and aim or a target. The second is to plan how this goal should be met by mapping out strategies and proper beginning. Whatever is worth dong is worth doing well. Don’t wander aimlessly waiting to be downed in the sea of life. Define your aim or purpose. Have a clear vision. Determine a definite destination, set a target for yourself and work relentlessly to meet up with your target for yourself and work relentlessly to meet up with your target. Envisage your goals, weave them into eventual fulfillment. It is useless shooting without aiming like a blind man who though cannot see the object of his target scatters bullets in deep frustration.

This article is for foremen and women of vision. For those who have deep conviction of their nobler selves and those who wish to make their world a better place. Men of vision are men of foresight. Men who are convinced of their tomorrow while still struggling in today’s mire.

Vision is a compelling force behind every will. An aimless man is often visionless. It is the life cell that nurtures or zeal and enthusiasm. It is the spur that enables us battle with destiny. Vision could come in the form of an idea. An idea could come in a flash, as an intuition or a sudden awareness as you interact with quality people and involve in valuable programmes. Keep close to people who understand you and believe in you. People who inspire you, who fuel your ambition and give impetus to the hero in you. People who will help you discover yourself and realize your maximum potential.

The Power of the Will

“With the sharpness of my will I tear to sherds the shifting chrysalis of ignorance… Cut your dark threads of thy shrouding fears, O my brothers…”

“No Tyrany of circumstances can permanently imprison a determined will”. There is immense power in the will. All mountain crumble at the confrontation of a resolute will. It is the will that engineers us to labour energetically and perseveringly. It is the central strength of character in every man. It gives impulse to every action and life to every effort. It is the dynamo that winds our latent powers into action. A powerful will can be described as a resolute determination, a burning desire to accomplish the seemingly impossible. It is the chief component that makes men great, the magnetic force that energizes and gears man towards the realization of his set objectives. The world stands aside and all the doors of treasure are thrown open for any determined man.

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Courage is an off shoot of a resolute will. When a man wills, courage and confidence readily come to his aid. Consider the following verses:

Action That Follows Resolution

The action that follows resolution should be the action of “Now”. Purpose must immediately be followed by definite action. There should be no hesitation or half-heartedness. Ne procrastination, “Tomorrow-men” accomplish nothing in the world. These is a great difference between the wishers and the doors. Whatever you wish to do, do it to your utmost and whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your strength.

Inactivity strengthens life. Great men never wait for opportunity, they creat them. When confronted with difficulties, they either pass over it or pass through it. They will never side track it. They live up to their responsibilities. They don’t always talk about what they can do, they demonstrate them.

Endeavor to imbibe the spirit of enterprise. Aspire great heights and work consistently upwards it. Be open to new ideas and discover new and easier ways of getting to your destination. Be moderate in everything except work. It has been medically proven that work does not wear down a man rather it is the fear and anxiety associated with it. “I believe in work, hard work and long hours for work. Men do nor break down from work, but grom worry and dissipation.” Said Chief  Justice Hughes. In every sphere of life, especially in industry and commerce, hard work is a prerequisite for promotion.

The Starting Point

Just start where you are now. The fundamental factor is not where you started but where you ended. On the judgment day what matters would not be where one is coming from rather the issue would be whether the person is going to be in hell or in heaven. Do not be like Russel’s

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Allegorical character in “Acres of Diamond”  who ignorant of the diamond in his land sold it and all other of his possessions and embarked on a wasteful journey in search of Diamond which he never found. He who set out rich came back poor, weak and wretched. It is more defined, my brother, to set out poor and arrive rich and prosperous. Your miracle, your breakthrough is right there with you. You don’t have to run to anywhere. Take out time and consider the resources available to you. It may not be money, it could be an idea, an experience, it l could be a material item which you never imagined could bring any profit. Search out for something within your reach and start with it. Enough of sitting idle at home, watching one home video after another, living in another man’s house and eating another man’s food. Learn to be a man and provide for yourself. Restore the dignity God has invested you with. Determine to work hard and be self-reliant. Can you ever compare the confidence and the boldness that underlines the words of an independent reach man. Any man whosoever he may be who cannot provide for himself and his immediate family (yet he is physically fit) is in any way lower than a silly woman and slightly higher than a brute the bible says he is worst than an infidel.

I do not mean to be derogatory. I only want to awake the manhood  in you. God has deposited in every man the capacity to combat all negative forces which try strongly to keep him down and poor, and the authority prosperous life. He only expects the diligent man understand that nothing goes for nothing. Sweat and live. There is always a price to be paid, some sacrifices to be made.

Choice of Vocation

A well planned life is a well lived life. Many people neither plan their lives no value the great choice of career has in the network of life They choose their occupation for no other reason but the need to acquire wealth. Agreed, nature has bestowed on man an immense responsibility of providing basic necessities for himself and sometimes tor his dependent  relations. He attends to his needs, he also has to schedule and conquer his environment. He naturally needs money as a result is so lost in the labyrinth of necessity that he forgets the satisfaction that comes from a well chosen career. My advice to these millions of visionless men and women, is to have a focus, an aim and work consistently with whatever they are presently engaged in and aspire to come to a point in life where the can exercise their freedom to choose a satisfying vocation. The major reason why people are grossly distracted, very busy doing what is against their natural inclinations of the harsh economic condition, however as I have always advised, there is always hope for anyone who is determined to work out of the bondage of occupation for necessity.

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Choose your vocation for the noble reason of love. You will never discover your best potentials when you engage in a vocation you detest. You probably feel the job is drudgery, you want to get away from it or that it makes you a puppet not giving you the freedom to use your initiative or creative capability. You should love your work if you must be efficient in it. Sing at it, be happy and elated. Take your work as your friend. Work with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your will.

You can’t reach successful height in life if you are not in love with your vocation, if your faculties do not give their total consent and if there is a protest anywhere in your nature against what you are doing. Your work should give you pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment, anything less would degenerate into disappointment and failure. When a man is compelled to work along the line of his weakness instead of his strength, he will be a perpetual weakling struggling in mediocrity, with no other dream than a constant reassurance of his daily bread.

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