The Importance of being Excellent – Significant Note

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Excellence and its Importance – Significant Points to Note

Excellence is doing the best you can do with what you have been given. It is not about perfection.

Where does Excellence come from?

It comes from God by his spirit. God does not create worthless things and when he created the earth, he said that it was good. when he created man and woman he said that it was very good. It is something that God himself exhibits through his creation we also see examples of It in biblical characters. Perhaps one of the best known biblical characters to display It is Daniel. Although living in a foreign land. Daniel received great favour and promotion because of the It he displayed in his life. He became the most honoured advisor to the king of Babylon and a powerful reader because God’s spirit of It was in him and God’s favour was on his life. If you read on  verse four you might think Daniel did everything perfectly. So that must be why people couldn’t find any fault with him. That’s not actually what’s  going on there in the story. The reason that Daniel’s enemies couldn’t find fault with him is that everything he did flowed out of a posture of It in character. Everything else flowed from this place of It in character and manifest itself in how Daniel accomplished his tasks. This is a critical distinction to maker.

It is not perfection. It’s about being connected to God and letting him mold your character into being more like Jesus.

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Although musical It is very important while doing worship, we should first and fore most seek to be excellent I our relationship with God

If we are putting a lot of time into practicing our music but little time into our relationship with God we have it backwards. God should be our first priority in being excellent in worship. Your main motivation for being a true worshiper should be to become more excellent in how you connect with and worship God. From this place, you will grow with It in your worship life. As you do, remember that It is not perfection. Perfection is about performance while It is about worship.



Why is Displaying Excellence Important?

We see that because God  is an excellent God. His spirit resides in us and we are made in his image. We too should display the same It. It we want the world around us to be attracted to the lives we live as Christians and reflect God well, we too should exhibit It in what we do. Even though God looks at the hearts, the world will unfortunately still make judgments based on what they see on the outside, because of this, we should be ruled by what the world thinks of us but first seek to honor god. At the same time we should be mindful that how we present ourselves to the world and how we exhibit It in what we do will have an impact on those around us and reflect on the God we serve.

Illiteracy is the worst government of catastrophe, it is the greatest enemy of mentality it brings misconception but education provides direction. It takes determination to start a race but it takes consistency to finish the race.

Displaying It is also important in that it helps those around us. Many times It is something that we want just for your own personal gain, when in all actuality our It should benefit everyone around us.

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If you were given a gift and are trying to become excellent for yourself, you will not reach your full potential if you never cared to put effort into your relationship with God and in practicing your instrument, you would be a hindrance to your worship life and to the congregation. So as you seek It in your gifting the work you put in will not only glorify God. But also help those around you.

The Deficiency of Excellence

The hour is coming and is now here when excellent worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth. There is something to be said about “understanding It” for those planning and leading worship.

Excellent worshipers are consecrated to minister to God. When Jesus swept away the temple at Jerusalem, he made all the earth a temper for the true worshippers who lived the life of It.

To give god an acceptable worship you must be sanctified for It.


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