Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction – Important Key Facts

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Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction

In this article we want to discuss briefly on some Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction. If you are on this page reading this article, then you are at the right place. Lets look at the consequences below.

Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction

Consequences of job dissatisfaction includes the following:

The consequences of job dissatisfaction can be summarized by the following key points:


A recent metal-analysis of nine studies and 2,237 workers revealed as significant positive relationship between motivation and job satisfaction. Because satisfaction with supervision also was significantly correlated with motivation, managers and advised to consider how their behavior affects employee satisfaction. Managers can potentially enhance employee motivation through various attempts to increase job  satisfaction


Job involvement represents the extent to which an individual is personally involved with his or her work role. A meta-analysis involving 27,925 individual from 87 different studies demonstrate that job involvement was moderately related with job satisfaction. Managers are thus encouraged to foster satisfying work environment in order to fuel employee’s job involvement.


Organizational citizenship behaviors consist of employee behaviors that are beyond that call of duty. Examples include “such gestures a constructive statements about the department, expression of personal interest in the work of others,  suggestions for improvements, training new people  respect for the spirit as well as the letter of housekeeping rules,  care for organizational  property, and punctuality and attendance well beyond standard or enforceable levels. Managers certainly would like employees to exhibit those behaviors. A meta-analysis covering 6,746 people and 28 separate studies revealed significant and moderate positive correlation between organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfactions

Additional research demonstrated that employees, citizenship behaviors were determined more by leadership and characteristic of the work environment than by an employee’s personality. It thus appears. That managerial behavior significantly influences an employee’s willingness to exhibit citizenship behaviors. This relationship is important to recognize because organizational citizenship behaviors were positively correlated with performance ratings.


Organizational commitment reflects the extents to which an individual identifies with an organization and is committed to its goals. A meta-analysis of 68 studies and 35,282 individual uncovered a significant and strong relationship between organizational commitment and satisfaction. Managers and advised to increase job satisfaction in order to elect higher levels of commitment. in turn, higher commitment can facilitate higher productivity.


Absenteeism is costly and managers are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce it. O ne recommendation has  been to  increase job satisfaction. Id this is availed recommendation; there should be a strong negative relationship (or negative correlation) between satisfaction and absenteeism. In other words, as satisfaction increases, absentees should decrease. A researcher tracked this prediction by synthesizing three separate metals – analyses containing a total of 74 studies. Results revealed a weak negative relation between satisfaction and absenteeism. It is unlikely, therefore, the managers w ill realized any significant decrease in absenteeism by increasing job satisfaction.

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Turnover is important to managers because is both disrupting organization continuity and is very costly. A meta-analysis of 78 studies covering 27,543 people demonstrated a moderate negative relationship between satisfaction and turnover (table all given the strength of this relationship, managers would be well advised to try to reduce turnover by increasing employee job satisfaction.


Stress can have very negative effects on organizational behavior and an individual’s health. Stress is positively related to absenteeism, turnover, coronary heart disease, and viral infections. According to Linda Rosen stock, director of the National Institute for occupational safety and Health, stress at work has been increasing because of the widespread downsizing of corporate America in recent years. She believes that 25% of the workforce is under high stress and is drained and used up by the end of a workday. In addition, people are working more hours for examples the average number of hours Americans work (47 hours per week) has increased by 8% between 1998 and 1999 -2% of the workforce works at least 49 hours per weeks. Based on a meta-analysis of seven studies covering 2,659 individuals the earlier table reveals that perceived stress has strong, negative relationship with job satisfaction. It is hoped that managers would attempt to reduce the negatives effects of stress by improving job satisfaction.


One of the biggest controversies within organization all research centers on the relationship between satisfaction and job performance. The relationship between jobs has been described as the “Holy Grail” of industrial psychologists and management scholars. People such as Herzberg, argue that satisfaction leads to higher performance while others contend that high performance. in an attempt to resolve this  controversy, a meta-analysis accumulated results from  74 studies overall, the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance was examined for 12,192   It was discovered  that there  was a very small positive relationship  between satisfaction and performance and interestingly  enough the researchers found that it appeared that high performance lead to higher job satisfaction  rather than the traditional belief that high job satisfaction lead to higher job performance (The “happy workers are a productive worker” belief).


Sometimes people make a lastly decision to take a job which was not even your first choice we at times are force to do so, to take care of one family we know how important the income is such compromise has  its price you can spend   months not years and definitely not the rest of year life faking to be happy at work. Sooner or late you have to deal with your dissatisfaction. But by that time you get so used to overlooking your needs for your beloved family, that you forget what is important for you.

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Sometime dissatisfaction with work may arise from inappropriate peers. It is all about and interpersonal relationship at work. You have to start rubbing shoulders before you even get to your seat.  The need for communication gets higher when you are at work dealing with clients and colleagues. But just like school, things can go awfully   along with your fellow workers at work.  It is very natural for you to not like someone and others despicably you. But in the long run, this can give rise to big problems like job dissatisfaction. Having friends at work makes your day more enjoyable by leads and bounds.


Dissatisfaction has other ways of creeping up on you. At times it gets very hard to explain why you are so thoroughly disinterested in your work and yet find it inexplicable hard to leave.  There are no people explanations as to why this dissatisfaction happens. But it can be vaguely said that the human mind works in strange ways sometime.  At a time like this, you have to keep trying to give out what the problem is. More often it is something completely unrelated to work. You have to keep digging at the problem that is dealing you to believe that you are not happy at work.


Mood swings are common in people suffering from job dissatisfaction it is guise normal for people  to find nothing to their  taste when things are going horrible wrong at work, since we work for a living it becomes a major part of our life. So if any thing goes wrong in our job we are shakes to the care perhaps we would not talk to anybody else about it but our disappoint starts to show in our manners.  If we are not satisfied with our job then we are likely to be unhappy in our personal sphere as well.


Disgruntlement is another side- effect of job dissatisfaction when every aspect of your job leads you to disappointment you cannot help but grumble on about it endlessly. When nothing goes right at work you cannot possibly hope to be happy with anything else you will start behaving rudely with your family. You may even start drinking  and smoking thinking that it would take your pain away the worst  part is that this might change your personality and that  will take a huge toll  on your family and kids.

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One of the most harmful effects of job dissatisfaction is definitely bad news because that will suck the joy right out of you.  Supposes you start your day looking forward to a good day at work but one thing leads to another and you end up having the worst day on the calendar. This takes a hasty turn if you keep having bad job experience how many days in a row. Since much of what follows later in the day depends on how your day was at work, nothing would be enough to stop you from feeling bad if you are victim of job dissatisfaction.


Being dissatisfied with your or will straight way make you feel out of place. It is one of the flitting into their respective places at work except you.  Some people are just not flexible enough to change their way of work just because it is not in keeping with the way the company works.  And you would hate to see everything fall into place for other employees except.


The worst thing that can even happen is to know that something not right and still not being able to do anything about it.  There is nothing more pitiable for a person to not able to find a way out of a problem. This is exactly how it is with job dissatisfaction. There is practically nothing to be done until you can think of a way to end your job dissatisfaction at work is quite common these days and keeps increasing with time. However, it is possible to over come problems related to job dissatisfaction with patience, planning, and love of those who care for you.

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