CITN Members Approved Rates | See New Rates and Fees

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Here you will get to see a complete table of CITN Members Approved Rates The CITN members approved rates is now posted online and on this page. Members can now see a complete and approved table of the new rates and fees. Every necessarily information you need as far as the new members approved rates is concerned is now posted on this page. See the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria table below.

CITN Members Approved Rates

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Members Approved Rates

A Membership Income AMOUNT (N)
1 Associate/Fellow Subscription 7,500/15,000
2 District Levy Associate and Fellow 1,000/2,000
3 Professorial Chair of Taxation 1,000
4 Annual Renewal of Licence to Practise 5,000
5 Practising License Form, License & Seal 100,000
6 Associate Membership Form/Induction Fee (Graduate Student) 10,000/105,000
7 Associate Membership Induction Fee (Direct Member) 10,000/250,000
8 Application Form/Conferment Fees for Fellowship Conferment (inclusive of Spouse) 80,000
9 Mandatory Professional Training Programmes Fee (Member/Non-Member) 25000/35000
B Others
10 Re-issue of Members’ certificate 5,000.00
11 Re-issue of Statements of Results/Transcripts etc 2,000.00
12 Re-issue of Registration/Exemption Certificates 2,000.00
13 Review of Text Books
14 CITN Stamps 100
15 Lapel Pin for Fellow 750
16 Lapel Pin for Associate 500
17 Members’ Code of Conduct 100.00
18 Members’ Rules and Regulations 100.00

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