Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria and the Factors

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Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

The Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria are numerous and can be viewed from different angles as they arise from many divers’ roots. The concept of unemployment is a global menace that is becoming the main source of concern to the whole wide world. In Nigeria, the issue takes a prominent place in the list of national challenges the trend is taking a deadly toll in a way that is not conducive and convenient at all.

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment have become like a national plague with statistics rolling out figures that are breathtaking. Knowing the causes of unemployment in Nigeria, and in Africa and the world at large is the first step in sorting out the possible solutions to the problem. Yes, it is ugly talking about it, the reality on ground is worse than that postulated on papers, and must be squarely looked into to get solutions.

Tackling the causes of unemployment in Nigeria is a battle that most be holistic and all inclusive if it will be surmounted. The battle must be pragmatic and non sentimental as it will take everything geared in the right direction to bring to a controllable and manageable balance, the trauma of unemployment. We must face the reality that unemployment in Nigeria and globally cannot be completely dealt with, but with concise effort, can be curtailed.

All hands must be on deck to proffer logical solutions to the issue of unemployment. All knowledge, whether empirical or reasoned must be brought to the fore to halt the incessant and speedy spread of the menace of unemployment. All philosophical theories and postulations that are sure to be borne from the right frame of mind and can hold water in this regards must be channeled into this fight that we all must prevail in.

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Factors Causing Unemployment in Nigeria

Before we digress into the fight of unemployment, our main concern was to know the causes of unemployment in Nigeria, which as a matter of fact, is the first in getting lasting solution to it. Amongst others, the main causes of the age long problem of unemployment witnessed in the nation Nigeria are;

1. Lack of Adequate Leadership Structures

Yes, the root cause of many of the problems facing the country Nigeria is that of leadership and leadership structures and policies. The inadequacy of our leaders to build structural reforms and laws that will encourage employment has left the country in this quagmire she is now.

2. Lack of Industries and Job Places

As discussed earlier, a bereft in leadership structures and policies has left the country in a deplorable state where she lacks industries and factories that are readily available to employ her teeming work force.

3. Non Diversification of the Economy

The Nigerian economy is now almost a mono economy thriving only on the polluted and corrupted holes of crude oil. The predominant focus on the oil wells and a glaring neglect of all other profitable sectors of the economy like agriculture, mining and mineral development, technology and the rest is one of the prime causes of unemployment in Nigeria.

4. Unfavourable Conditions for Private Sector Development

The laws, conditions and scenarios in the country do not favour the development of private businesses, especially small and medium scale businesses. From the lack of electricity, non pliable roads, to undue taxation, land ownership laws and so on are evident of this fact.

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5. Poor Education System

Among the causes of unemployment in Nigeria is the kind of education system being operated in the country. The system of education that is bereft of vocational training and skills development to that which breads people to seek for white collar jobs is one of the devils behind the siege of unemployment.

5. Corruption

Unarguably speaking, the main cause of almost if not all of the problems in the country Nigeria is corruption. It is not ignorance or lack of knowledge of what needs to be done that is the case, but the lack of willpower to do what is right is the problem. Those at the corridors of power will rather feed themselves and their immediate families and friends and place them in places that they are not competent to handle than to do what is needed of them to do.

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