Amnesty International Youth Task Force 2019 – See How to Apply

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Amnesty International Youth Task Force  Amnesty International Youth Task Force: Amnesty refers to an act of designing a new global policy to become bigger. The design will be rolled out until Amnesty’s Global Assembly in July 2020 and facilitated by the Global Strategy & Impact Programme (GSIP) at the International Secretariat. The procedure will include […]

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Business Proposal Template – Free download DOC

Download Free Business Proposal Template With the free  business proposal template on this page you can learn how to create a business proposal for your company. For the full business proposal template click the download button below to download the doc file. Download Here! EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Emmanuel Agwu is the sole proprietor of ‘Emma’s Tiles Shop’.  The […]

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Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria and the Factors

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria The Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria are numerous and can be viewed from different angles as they arise from many divers’ roots. The concept of unemployment is a global menace that is becoming the main source of concern to the whole wide world. In Nigeria, the issue takes a prominent […]

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Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction – Important Key Facts

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Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction In this article we want to discuss briefly on some Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction. If you are on this page reading this article, then you are at the right place. Lets look at the consequences below. Consequences of job dissatisfaction includes the following: The consequences of job dissatisfaction can be summarized […]

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Difficulties in offices | Difficulties | How and how to cope with it

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Difficulties in Offices and How to Cope With it  It is a necessity for you to know the Difficulties in Offices and how to Cope With it Most reasons for many employees having an issue with their boss are as a result of either procrastination or outright laziness to work. Other reasons could be lateness, […]

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Small Scale Business | Branding Packaging | Market Penetration

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Managing a Small Scale Business Management is the art of making effective and efficient use of available resources (Human, Capital and Machinery/ Equipments) in pursuance of the objectives of the established business. While small scale business refers to any business with following characteristics: Capital, but excluding the cost of land, not exceeding N750, 000 Staff […]

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Business Management | Concept | Classification | Objectives

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CONCEPT OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT  Business management refers to the different interests which has to do with the way people manage and use resources in an organization. Meaning of Business: Business has been given different meanings and definitions depending on the perception of the definers. For the purpose of this study we may define business as […]

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