Can Google Be Linked to Information Centers

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Can Google be linked to information centers. The is a question that many people ask. This page will give you in details if Google can be linked to an information center.

Meaning of information center

Information center can be defined as a division within the information technology (IT) department that supports end-user computing. Information technology is responsible for training users in applications and solving related personal computer problems. Information technology was widely used when personal computers exploded onto the scene in the 1980s. Today, information technology may refer to any type of information source, which is precisely what it sounds like.

Can Google be linked to information center

Functions of information centers

Information centers perform different functions, some functions will be listed below.

  • They provide easy access to network service providers
  • They provide an upto date data or answers to a client who seeks answers to his/her queries.
  • They provide the resources needed by the client speedily and effectively.

Examples of information centers

Examples of information centers includes:

Cyber Café, News paper stores etc. These are bodies which helps clients have easy access to Google services.

Ways which Google is linked to information centers

Google can be linked to information centers because, information centers provides an easy access to Google services. Below are some of the ways Goggle is linked to information centers.

  • Internet accessibility
  • Storage and collection of data
  • Sending and receiving mails
  • Material research

Internet Accessibility: Information centers provides their clients with easy access to Google. For example a student wants to research on a topic, the student now visit any cyber café. The cyber café provides the student with a system with an internet access which can be used to achieve this. In this way students can now visit Google search engines to find solution to the questions.

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Storage and collection of data: The information centers as well administers a medium which clients can assess cloud storage online. With the information centers clients can store their data/documents in an online cloud storage. Examples of some cloud storage is Google Drive, Drop Box. Clients can access cloud storages with the help of the information centers.

Sending and receiving of mails: The information centers provide easy access to send and receive mails. With the help of information centers clients can now send and receive emails. Examples of Email services owned and manages by Google is Gmail.

Material research: Clients visit information center on daily bases on material research. With the help of an information center student can now access Google web pages to find related solution to their questions.


Information centers plays a good role for search engines like Google. The points discussed above has proven that Google can be linked to information centers.

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